Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

Unlike all the girls who liked the book, I for one found the book boring. Yes, it has some exciting parts and you wouldn’t want to wait till the next scenes. I’ve read some reviews that the author injected some humor but then, it’s either I don’t have the sense of humor, or I do not share the part.

Basically the story is really about eating in Italy, Praying in India and Finding love in Indonesia. But her storytelling for me was a bit dragging. There she is writing about the food, how good it looks and hot tasty and yummy it was. But when I was reading it, I was having a hard time picture the food. I cannot imagine it being tasty from her description.

Don’t shoot me! I don’t have anything against the author. In fact when I saw the trailer of its movie version starring Julia Roberts, and found out that it was a book, I went to a bookstore and bought the book. But then it took me two weeks to finish it. If not for the popularity of the book, and the movie, I would not finish the book, but I wanted to compare the movie and the book eventually. Usually when I find an interesting book, I just finish it less than a week, sometimes in just 2 nights, but it surprise me to see that I have been reading it for two weeks.

I found the pray part the most dragging and boring part of the book. Maybe because I don’t do yoga that I didn’t appreciate it. On the other hand, I’m thinking that if it is written nicely, I would be enticed to try yoga. One interesting part for me was the character of Richard from Texas as well as that guy from New Zealand who gave her the key to that place where he eventually “talked” with his husband. It was exciting for me to read a mentioned of a Filipino in her class; too bad that’s just about it. Well I know several people, friends and celebrities into yoga, so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone went to India to go and do it there.

I only found a few interesting things about her story in Bali, but I felt like I wanted to stop her for giving that much money to that mother and daughter. But I found the kid interesting. It also amazed me how she was able to raise that much money. It was interesting to see that she found somebody to love in Bali. Would I buy the 2nd book that talks about that? Nah.. I would probably just go to the bookstore and read the last few pages to see the ending.

The movie is another story. I hope to catch it one of these days.