Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Touching moments on Michael Jackson memorial

It was touching.. sad.. and memorable memorial.. Truly fit for the King Of Pop. Brooke Shields who have known MJ since she was 13 tells of her memories with the Pop Icon. Mentioning that his favorite song is not any of his song, but "Smile" i think from Charlie Chaplin. I was in tears by the time she finished her speech. Magic Johnson's speech was funny relieving his reaction to know that MJ love KFC chicken. Very nice to know one of the funny side of Michael. And of course, it was a very good exposure to KFC. I love Will you be there by Jennifer Hudson who is glowing in white. As well as the kid from Britain, Shaneen. Maybe they saw Michael in him when he was young, that is why he was invited. Again, I was in tears when User sang Gone too soon, and when Stevie Wonder performed.

But i think there were two memorable moments on the funeral. When Jermaine Jackson sang "Smile" and when Paris, the daughter spoke. It was really touching, stabs your heart into pieces, makes you broke down in tears. She said, "Ever since I was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. And I just want to say that I love him so much."

It was just so sad.

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