Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Muniz shoes

I love these shoes. Carmina Villaroel, an actress and host in the Philippines has ventured into shoes business. All were named from her closest friends and relatives. The designs were very modern and most ladies would want to wear it. There were few flat shoes, and here is the one that I liked.

Shoes name is Antonia.

Prices of her shoes ranges from around P1,700 to around P2,800 though I think I saw one at P4,500. There were no shoes that have kitten heels (of course!) and all of it have more than 4 inches I think. I like the shoes she named from one of my favorite actress and host, Gelli de Belen.

That is Gianelli, available in brown and black.

Then my favorite of them all which I am thinking of ordering.

Her name is Bianca. I like the heels, I like net like design and the loop strap. I hope I will made up my mind to order it, because I heard ladies are going gaga and they are only producing limited quantity. I just don’t know if the shoes is comfortable though since no one can attest to that since the brand is fairly new.

So ladies try to check out the shoes at http://www.munizshoes.com/. I like that that Carmina herself is modeling the shoes. She said that they are only taking online orders, they don’t have any other account or is not available in stores.

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