Thursday, May 28, 2009

Make your office “Green”

In our office, there have been a lot of suggestions and improvements done to make it a “Green” office. I would like to share some of them.

1. Convert urinals to waterless models – this would save lots of water
2. Turn off some of the lights when not in use. Turn off when going to lunch, going to a meeting, or leaving the office for the day.
3. Replace fluorescent tubes with more efficient ones. Check if the lights you are using are energy efficient.
4. Recycle old bond papers by using the other clean page.
5. Install hand dryers in comfort rooms as to minimize use of tissue paper for drying hands.
6. Donate old newspaper and yellow pages to worthy causes like for example, in Bilibid prison.
7. The company gave grocery bags to use. Refuse any plastic bag when buying groceries and use the bag all the time.

These are just simple recommendations but can save the environment and make it a worthy place to live in the coming years. Let us all join our hands in doing the best we can to save our environment.

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