Monday, June 1, 2009

Single lady blues..

Heck.. sometimes i hate going to events.. you bump into old friends, classmates, neighbors or acquaintances. and the course of the conversation would be.. "how are you?", "married?", "oh still single?", "why not?", "no bf yet?", "good thing you had a bf", "so when is the wedding bells?" i mean, common people. when would these questions change? do single women have no right to be single? and since when do single women need to be married always? ask any married woman if they are happy? chances are there are at least half of them who would say i'm happy when i'm still single.

I know my time to become a married woman would come. But don't tell me when to get married. The right person would come along. The right place would be found. The right time would be when me and my partner knew it is time.

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