Thursday, June 11, 2009

Boys over Flower –F4 fever is back!

This is the Korean drama adaptation of the Japanese manga, Hana Yori Dango which was first adapted by Taiwan through Meteor Garden which paved the way for the F4 (Jerry, Vic, Vaness & Ken) popularity including the hairstyles. With the group gone to different Asian countries to perform their songs where all the girls loved them. Japan followed the adaptation but it was not that popular as well as the artists selected to play F4, they said that the story lacks the quality that made people love Meteor Garden. This time around, the Korean adaptation shows very much like or to some, surpass the popularity and number of fans Meteor Garden have.

With Boys over flower, they changed the way the girl lead, Geum Jan-Di came in to the school plus they added some things that don’t have in Meteor Garden. Just the same, all the F4 boys are real cute, this time, the male lead Gu Jun Pyo has a curly hair and is so cute! If you look at him for long, you would notice some similarities on his features and that of Jerry Yan. He also has the look and smile that Jerry has so girls easily fall for him too. Another male lead and member of F4 vying for a spot in Jan Di’s heart is Yoon Ji Hoo. He doesn’t have the good looks that Vic Zhou had but he have the same charm that would make girls go gagah for him. In fact, I saw in the news that some fans celebrated his birthday in one restaurant. I think it was their first org gathering or eyeball of some sort. The other two members So Yi Jun and Song Woo Bin are equally cute themselves.

It was previously slotted on a late primetime slot, so with the late time I come home I get to watch the series. However because of a huge demand, the network made it to an early primetime slot. The series is very nice, when I got home early I get to watch some episodes. And I really really love it. Most of the episodes are funny, especially the when either Jun Pyo or Jan-Di is angry or the time they are fighting.

I definitely love this series. I hope they would replay it every weekend so I could watch those episodes I missed. It’s fun to watch and would make you feel like a teenager again falling for your crush!!!

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