Tuesday, June 23, 2009

La Luz Resort

*picture courtesy of La Luz resort

Since it is the 1st anniversary of the photography club in our office, we decided that our June activity would be in a beach. So we went to scout resorts in Laiya, we originally wanted to go to Kabayan Resort since we wanted to cook our own food, but then they the beach is rented by one company so we had our next pick, which is La Luz resort. We paid reservations and also rented a van as our transportation.

So we met in front of our office in Makati and leave at around 5am. Pick one member in Petron alabang, and then we went to Petron in South expressway to pick another member and also to buy some breakfast. We already had a list of our orders, after we gave our orders, the crew said that they didnt have burgers. So we again scrabble to take the orders of those who originally wanted burgers. Naturally, it would take long since others would still think of what they want. We have taken some time to finish our order. We then notice a woman get past us, walk by the next window where you will be paying. As we past her there, so said to us in an angry voice, "Next time, please list your orders!" well we had our list, it's just that Mcdo didnt have most of the items on our list so we had to think of another order. So off we went to Laluz, we arrive at around 830am. Laluz was at the end of the long line of resorts in Laiya San Juan Batangas. The resort looks nice, we are just there on a day trip. They gave us welcome drinks, but then again since the drive is around 3 hours, my friends and I went to the comfort room first. So we never get our welcome drink since when we came back they are also in our cabana. They gave us once cabana, since only one name was in the reservation. After resting for a few minutes, some of us changed into our swimwear, while the others setup their camera being photographers.

Three of us went to check the water, but high waves prevented us to even get near the water. The water looks too deep because of the waves. So we then went to explore the beach on the side. And there we saw rocks and a knee deep water. We asked to guard if we could swim there and he said we can, we just have to be careful with the rocks since it is slippery. We even joke the guard if he would save us, but he said he can always call the lifeguard since he has a radio.

We went to the water and on the other side of one big rock was a girl and a boy swimming there, upon seeing us, they went to the other big rock. :) We invaded their privacy. Well we cant do anything for that since we wanted to swim in that area. Since we are not swimmers, so the knee deep water is just fine with ours. Our other friends eventually went to were we are and we finally had our pics taken. I even dropped my goggles because I almost slipped in one rock. Good thing, there are kids who swim very good and I asked if they could check my goggles, and behold, they found it. I gave them P20 for their effort.

We said that we would just swim until 10am, but we didnt notice the time, she we enjoyed the waves in the rocks. When we came back, we just wait for around 10minutes and then we had our lunch buffet. Food was just fine, there is a fish (taste bland) , pork (grilled), veggies (sayote with shrimp), and soup is sinigang which is too hot (from chili) and have the fat of the pork, plus the fact that it does not taste pork sinigang because instead of kangkong it had mustasa. Desert was sweeten banana with sago and kaong. Mango juice and water was provided. Since the juice was not cold, we asked for buckets of ice.

I just didn't like their public rest room and shower. Since we are on day trip, we didnt have a room and we had to use the public rest room. They had tissue, but they dont have soap or liquid soap. It stinks, and there are only 3 shower area on the same comfort room. One shower area, dont have a place to put your bag and things.

While the others had their session on landscape photography on the rocks, some of us just rest on the cabana and take some nap, i rest on one near the beach, just like what is the picture above, took out some paper works, and read. I was able to take few minutes nap and then read again. Well since I really love looking at the beach, i was able to think straight, manage to plan some things at work, and finally write some things.

We then saw that it is low tide, but still with big waves, we finally went near the shore and play with the waves again. After we took our merienda consists of pansit bihon (went 2x), chicken sandwich, puto kutsinta and iced tea.

We then took our shower, dressed up and had some group pics before we go home. We left before 6pm but then again, it was super duper traffic in Alabang that we got at around 9pm in Makati. I finally got home to Cavite at around 11pm.

Overall it's just a fine day, to relax. I would recommend that since it is 3 hours drive, to spend an overnight instead of a day trip to spend more time to other activities like snorkelling and more swimming time.

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