Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Franchising business

I have long wanted to put up my own business, but the problem is always the capital. I wanted just a small business because I wanted to watch it grow and become big. Plus the fact that I only has small savings so that means only small capital. The most likely option is franchising. The business already has a name in the market and with the marketing approach as advertised by the franchisor. Most of the franchise package includes the use of business name and logo, training to staff, marketing strategy and approaches plus minimum materials or amount of products. The problem then is what franchise to choose. Since it is the likely option, most people are into it. Almost all the products are in the most populated area. You don’t have any place to put it.

Anyways, on my way to work yesterday I found a building that is being constructed, it would most likely be a mall and I came upon the idea of franchising. And then I have the same dilemma again. What franchise to choose? Would I have the time to manage it? I am a full-time employee. And I only commute to and from work. Work is 2-3 hours away from home. Aahhhh… I wanted to put up my own business. Have to work on it someday…

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